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  1. First of all you must folow this model below or Your Request will not be Accepted! ¤ Name : ¤ Age : ¤ Desired Tag : ¤ Link of your last request : ¤ Link for hours played (minimum 10 hours):
  2. Tag-ul de modelul pentru cerere jucatori. ¤ Nume: ¤ Varsta: ¤ Tagul dorit: ¤ Linkul cu orele jucate (Minim 10 ore ) :
  3. Vote 1 - Click  pentru a vota / Click for vote Vote 2 - Click  pentru a vota / Click for vote Voi reveni cu edit pentru a mai adauga site-uri de top . Am rugamintea cei care voteaza serverul sa lase aici un reply
  4. Nick cu care joci: Steam On/Off: Varsta: Experienta in amx: Ai citit regulamentul?: De unde ai aflat de server?: Link Ore Jucate : Ore Jucate ---> Click Poti ajuta serverul cu o donatie ? : Ai dat like la pagina de Facebook?: Cerinta : minim ore jucate : STEAM ON - 15 ore / STEAM OFF - 20 ore *Varsta minima: 16 ani La gametracker, iti pui numele in casuta "Search for a player" dai enter, si iti va aparea "profilul" tau cu orele jucate. (aveti grija totul se masoara in minute pe gametracker, asa ca faceti voi conversia minute -> ore. english version: Nickname: Steam ON/OFF: Age: Amxx/Admin experience: Have you read the rules/regulations section ? : "replace with key words" Where did you find out about us? : Played hours link : -> Link <- Can you donate?yes/no/maybe: Did u hit "like" on our facebook page? yes/no/not yet: Minimum requirements : Minimum age :16y.o. Played hours: Steam ON : 15 / Steam Off : 20.

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