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  1. * Your Nick: * Name of the complained admin: * Reason for the complaint: * Proof of "Demo / Screenshot": * Other specifications: * CAREFUL! Those who do not have a demo / screenshot are not allowed to post report * * Topic name must be in the form "[Report] Name", where Name is the name of complained admin *
  2. Nick: IP: SteamID: Reason: Proof(Demo/SS): ** All fields are required! ** Each admins required to have their separate topic where they post bans. ** Topic name is followed by "[Banlist] Name", Name is Admin's name.
  3. Nume canal: Furien.Kript.Ro Identitatea dumneavoastră [ID-ul unic]: iId8xE+YNBAd9WGPRBbmzUjG5+8=
  4. Those who want to change their nickname to Admin have the opportunity here. Model Current Nick: New Nick Desired: Link to last Request: Rules [!] Do not make two applications in less than 30 days! [!] At the last request you pass the time from the previous request (1 month / 5 weeks etc)! [!] Carefully check the desired nick, any corrections may take!
  5. Model Your Nick: IP + SteamID: The reason of banning: The admin who banned you: Printed Information in the console: [!] Fill in all fields in this model, otherwise the request will be closed without any final answer.
  6. Remove these Sub forums and add a new section [FURIEN] Report Admin after section [FURIEN] Request Unban Thank You!
  7. MODEL Nick: Age: STEAM ON / OFF? [profile link]: AmxModx Experience: Link GameTracker [hours]: How many hours can you active on the server / forum each day ?: Have you read the regulation? : ActivE TeamSpeak + microphone ?: All fields are required to complete! Access requests are analyzed within 24 hours. Careful! The server's rules must be read and respected!
  8. Your nick: Link GameTracker [with hours played on server]: [!] Fill in all the fields in this model, otherwise the request will be closed without any final answer!
  9. Nick : @Akash Thakur Contact owner (Y!M) : theojohnn00@yahoo.com Moderatori categorie : @Akash Thakur and @Dark. Sub-Forumuri: 1 [FURIEN] REGULATION, here I want 2 sub-forums, one STAFF REGULATION and the other PLAYER REGULATIONS 2. [FURIEN] STAFF 3. [FURIEN] ADMINISTRATIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS 4. [FURIEN] BENEFITS 5. [FURIEN] REQUEST ADMIN, here I want 2 sub-forums, one SLOT REQUEST and another ADMIN REQUEST 6. [FURIEN] REQUEST UPGRADE 7. [FURIEN] STAFF ONLY - IS LOCKED FORUM (PW IN PM) 8. [FURIEN] REQUEST UNBAN 9. [FURIEN] REQUEST CHANGE NAME 10. [FURIEN] BANLIST 11. [FURIEN] VOTE SERVER DNS+Link cerere DNS : FURIEN.KRIFT.RO + Link Gametracker : https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
  10. OWNER 1: [@numele de pe forum] @Akash Thakur OWNER 2: [opțional, @numele de pe forum] @Dark. IP+PORT SERVER: DNS: [ex: nume.kript.ro] FURIEN.KRIPT.RO MOD: [clasic, respawn, deathrun, surf, csgo etc.] FURIEN SLOTURI: [minim 22 de sloturi] 32 FIRMA UNDE E GĂZDUIT SERVERUL: ENIXSERVERS VECHIME SERVER: Few days LINK GAMETRACKER: Here AȚI DAT CLAIM LA SERVER?: akash_thakur AȚI ADĂUGAT SERVERUL ÎN CLANUL GAMETRACKER?: not yet i requested to join clan NUME CONT GAMETRACKER: akash_thakur

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